Your People Don't Give. Is It Your Fault?

An interesting question, one posed (and eventually answered by) Chris Willard over on his blog. It must be something every church leader asks themselves: “Other churches seem to be doing well, but we’re not reaching our goals. Did we just get a bad batch of worshipers, or is it me?”

As it turns out, it’s a little bit of both, but not at all in a bad way. According to Willard, it’s an issue of education:

When a person becomes a brand new Christ follower, if they are connected with a church or ministry, the first thing the church will do is try to help them understand the fundamentals of their new faithFinancial stewardship and generosity should be one of these fundamentals.

He’s not wrong. Part of being a Christian is being generous and doing your part to keep the ministry alive. All too many leaders are hesitant to ask for support. Don’t be. Your congregation wants to do their part; it’s your job to show them how.

Head over to Chris’ blog for the rest of this and all kinds of other great thoughts on stewardship.