Church leadership teams want to talk return on investment ("ROI"). Here's the skinny on why our app is a big win from a financial and spiritual perspective.

Every week, we talk to faith community leaders interested in our app who say something like:

“This sounds awesome. I’m sold. Let me run it by my leadership team!”

“This sounds awesome. I’m sold. Let me discuss with my finance guy!”

“This sounds awesome. I’m sold. Our vestry meeting is next week! We’ll decide then.”

Almost invariably, these leadership teams/ councils/ sessions/ boards/ et al are interested in return on investment (ROI). This post is designed for clergy and leadership teams as they evaluate the ROI of building an app with FaithStreet.

Financial ROI: Pays for itself quickly, Likely Over and Above

FaithStreet’s app will pay for itself. Here are 5 ways that can happen. If ANY of these five things happen, you’ve paid for your app, year-one if you’re a church on our $1,000 annual plan.

  1. 1 new giver, giving $83.34/month;
  2. Decrease # of missed gifts by just 3-4 gifts from existing givers;
  3. 1 giver who more thoughtfully sets a goal or pledge and gives 1-2% more of his income this year;
  4. 1 more one-time gift of around $1,000; or
  5. 5 additional event registrations for an existing event (average $200 registration cost).

More than likely, several of these will happen multiple times, which means there’s a tremendously high likelihood that this is a big win from a resources perspective.

Spiritual ROI: Multiply Discipleship, Mission and Engagement

More importantly, FaithStreet’s app creates a powerful platform for spiritual growth that starts immediately. Here are five demonstrations of that growth you can expect in year-one, paired with the relevant FaithStreet experience (“[experience]”).

[Pray] Hundreds of prayers per week - over 5,000 prayers this year shared so far platform-wide.

[Respond] New insight into congregational needs and issues.

[Events] Increased event registration.

[Dispatches and Morning emails] Engage with congregation over 10x more through mobile and email.

[Give] More faithful giving = unity and freedom in the congregation, 1-2 new givers per month

BONUS: 4 Straightforwardly Awesome Benefits for Churches

  1. Increase retention. Bring first-time visitors into the life of the church almost immediately.
  2. Extend the reach of your community beyond the core to the supporters. Give them insight into how the community is doing and an ability to participate in the life of the church.
  3. Annual pricing allows for only one-payment per year, and provides access to all future updates and improvements.
  4. No need to upgrade piecemeal from online giving to an app in the future. Get the job done right, once with FaithStreet.

If you’d like to upgrade to FaithStreet, please contact us at 347-850-7783 or email us at We can get you launched today, in about 15 minutes.