How Congregations are Using the App in Early 2021

How Congregations are Using the App in Early 2021

The FaithStreet app empowers faithful communities to connect in new and powerful ways. Here are a few things we’ve recently seen.

A congregation prays for a longtime member from fearful diagnosis to fretful treatment to joyful recovery from Covid.

As one of our partners must again rely on recorded or streaming services, their members stay current with weekly teachings, organized by Series, complete with sermon notes, scripture references and audio and video options.

A pastor who shepherds a congregation in quarantine sends daily, two minute encouragements to his flock, both near and far, with our Dispatches tool.

From Kentucky to Oregon, from Michigan to Arizona, faith communities are using the app to rally together.

What’s different? The app has a unique focus on spiritual growth (both individual and communal). Other apps essentially recreate your website in a so-called app.

Our app isn’t for every church, but it’s the best app for churches who want to bring their communities together and get them moving on mission.

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