What 10 Black Christian Leaders are saying about systemic racism, civil unrest and the church’s response right now

Lisa Sharon Harper

Dr. Christina Edmondson

Pastor Eric Mason

Jemar Tisby

Rev. Dr. Esau McCaulley


Dr. Cornell West

"Looting is wrong, [but] legalized looting is wrong too … I look at the wickedness in high places first and then keep track of the least of these,” he added.

West concluded by saying that “if we’re more concerned about the property and spillover than the poverty, decrepit school systems, dilapidated housing, massive unemployment and underemployment, we’re going to be doing this every five, every 10, every 20 years.”

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Rev. Jacqui Lewis, PHD

Dr. Bryan Lorritts

Now the reason why multiethnic community is important is because homogeneity actually entrenches our biases. Remember we all carry bias. So if we only do community with people who co-sign on our cultural preferences and norms, those things will never be challenged and only deepened. As a matter of human flourishing, we need to be around people who just see it differently.