Three simple keys for finding the "right" church

Relevant, an online and print magazine targeted at faith-minded millennials, has a nifty article about finding the “right” church. Given that helping people find a church is FaithStreet’s sole reason for existing, this piqued our interest You’ll have to click through to read the three most important indicators, but here’s a hint: it’s all about community

Along with the individual bodies of believers in different churches, we also need to remember that every church is part of the Body of Christ spread across the globe.

*Of course we’re going to disagree on some doctrine and worship style and methods of evangelism and whatever else, but writing off other churches as “old, closed-minded people that can’t handle change” or “meddlin’ kids that just want to go to a concert every Sunday,” is ignoring the larger picture.*
He brings up an excellent point – there’s a big difference between finding “a” church and “the” church. How many people have spent their lives toiling with their faith, only because they assumed they “had” to go to the same church as their parents? Though faith is ultimately about your relationship with God, how you express that faith (and the people with whom you do so) has a huge impact.

Technology like FaithStreet takes a lot of guessing out of the equation. Just enter your location and denomination, and within seconds you’re browsing a list of churches selected based on criteria chosen by you. On their pages, churches give info about their leaders, their ministries and their philosophies – all crucial parts of the church experience, and all available at no cost to you.

If you’re a church leader, this is a good reminder to update your FaithStreet profile. People are out there looking for you, we promise – you just have to make it so they can find you.