This Bible is Practically Indestructable


We all know the Bible’s words and teachings are eternal, but what about the physical book itself? Not so much, right? Bibles, perhaps because they’re produced in such epic quantities, tend to be printed on the cheapest possible materials – cardboard jackets, with the thinnest cellulose on Earth. It doesn’t take much to tear or damage one, and what Christian wouldn’t feel bad about that?

A Kickstarter for something called the Forever Bible aims to change that. Waterproof, dirt-proof and tear-proof, it’s “the first Bible in history built (and guaranteed) to last FOREVER.” From their website:

Our mission is to get the Forever Bible into the hands of as many people as possible, in every place imaginable. And yes, we realize that we’re working ourselves out of a job – no one will ever have to buy a second Forever Bible! We are so certain of the technology with the Forever Bible that we guarantee it for your entire lifetime.

Because their products float “like the Ark,” the Kickstarter is scheduled for 40 days and 40 nights. With 19 days left to go, they’ve already blasted through their $30k funding goal. Need another reason to get on board? For every Forever Bible sold, they’ll donate additional copies around the world, giving many people their very first Bibles. Learn more in the video below: