The Top 5 Benefits of Online Giving

FaithStreet members and their followers might be aware of our new online giving platform, which is the fastest, safest way for church members to support their parishes. Still not sold on the idea? There are about a million reasons why it’s worth considering, but here are the top five:

**It’s how people give today
**Online giving allows people to give whenever they want and wherever they are, not just during service on Sunday. They can give on their computer, phone, tablet, or anywhere they can access the internet.

**It’s safer than checks
**It’s more secure than giving by cash or check. Cash and check can get lost, stolen, or just tracked poorly.  Online gifts through FaithStreet are secured by a 256-bit SSL connection and sent directly to your church’s bank account.

**It creates faithful giving
**Recurring gifts help you make giving a priority. For the church, it makes income more predictable and budget planning an easier process. It also keeps giving consistently high during summer months.

**It saves you time
**Online giving reduces the administrative burden on your finance team. FaithStreet sends receipts and thank you’s, transfers money to your church’s bank account, and sends year-end statements.

**It creates lifelong givers
**When church members move, some may continue to give.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of accepting online donations, our online giving platform is definitely the way to go. Have questions or concerns about setting up? Contact us, we’re here to help!