The Collegiate Churches of NY ask Subway Riders “How Are You Doing?”

FaithStreet was riding the L Train yesterday and spotted this subway ad sponsored by “The Collegiate Churches of New York.”  Due to someone’s head being in the way, this is the best shot that we could get of the ad…and this wasn’t easy!

The ad asks “How are you doing?” in a large font.  The Collegiate Churches of New York include four unique congregations: Fort Washington Church, Marble Church, Middle Church, and West End Church.

This is a slick branding effort, and we think the ad works really well.  The “logo” at the bottom right is comprised of a white “bracketed” “plus sign,” with the words “positive and inclusive” underneath.

The ad also says “The Collegiate Churches of New York: A welcoming supportive community for spiritual growth. Come.”

Nice Work!  We’d love to know who was responsible for coming up with this…