The Best Tweets From Day Two at Exponential East

Exponential East got into full swing yesterday, and that was reflected in the tweets we saw from attendees. We only have so much space here to share, but let us know if we missed something epic!

Sean, our co-founder and CEO, liked what he saw:

.@michaelfrost6 on the 5 habits of missional people is the best teaching I’ve heard in awhile. thanks, @churchplanting #Exponential

— Sean W. Coughlin (@seanwcoughlin) April 30, 2014

A victim of too much church planting info, or just the Orlando heat?

Little guy was all tuckered out after a big day in Orlando. @brianmoll, @ryanphipps, #Exponential

— Jonathan Williams (@the_jonathanw) April 30, 2014

We’ve all heard of the unexamined life, but what about one unquestioned by others?

“Live a questionable life; a life that causes people to ask questions about why you live like that.” – Michael Frost #exponential

— Dave Ferguson (@daveferguson) April 30, 2014

A, er, mathematical expression of the life and death of Christ?

The story of Jesus. We can’t just focus on the end. The whole story is important. #exponential

— Grace Rockstroh (@TheMrsRockstar) April 30, 2014

We assume Larry Osborne felt the Kitchen Aid mixer gift was a given and warranted no further exposition:

@daveferguson @MattJohnson654 but everyone should have a kitchen aid mixer as a wedding gift. I may have missed something. Lol.

— Mike (@Eighty8MPH) April 30, 2014

Even live webcast viewers are getting in on the action!

Spotted this on the #Exponential webcast! A @russguill pic of @mosaiclincoln @chale529 &my beautiful wife @Meganrloy!

— Aaron Loy (@aarongloy) April 30, 2014

Again, we’re sure we missed something great. If so, let us know on twitter!