Small but Mighty

Two invitations for small but mighty local churches this Holy Week.

Small but Mighty

I’ve had this exchange about 1,000 times:

I ask a pastor, “How big is your church?”

They’ll likely say, “We’re a small church.”

I follow with, “Okay, what’s your average weekend attendance?”

They often say something like, “We’re around 300.”


Of course, size is relative, but pastors of truly small churches (say, under 75 regular attenders) know that there’s "small" and then there’s actually small.

So, to those pastors of truly small buy mighty churches, I want to pass along two things this Holy Week:

(1) You can setup a no-cost or commitment trial of online, mobile and text giving through FaithStreet today. You'll be ready to accept gifts as soon as this afternoon. Setup trial here.

(2) We have a special rate for churches under 75 regular attenders for our congregation app. Our team will get in touch, let us know you’re under 75, and we’ll get you access to this special pricing. Request access here.