Say Hello to the New FaithStreet CTO!

FaithStreet is proud to welcome Glenn Ericksen (@glennericksen) to the team as our new Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).  The addition of Glenn to our team is a major step for FaithStreet, and we’re very excited about what Glenn means for FaithStreet’s future.

Glenn is a self-taught Rails hacker who also possesses great all around design skills.  Glenn is passionate about social entrepreneurship, and he has worked closely with a number of churches and other social enterprises to help them create value in their communities and to further their missions through design and technology.

Glenn graduated from Valley Forge Christian College with a degree in Church Planting.  Following graduation Glenn helped plant a church in the Manhattan neighborhood of Union Square and has worked closely with a number of other churches in NYC and elsewhere.

Glenn is currently leading FaithStreet’s efforts to redesign and rebuild the FaithStreet platform in order to further FaithStreet’s mission of helping to connect people with churches in New York City. Look out for big changes—coming soon!

Glenn likes to play the guitar, snowboard, and he’s also single, ladies.  At 6’ 3” tall, Glenn increases the average height of the FaithStreet team to just a tad over 6’ 2”.  Most importantly, Glenn is an awesome dude with the perfect creative vision and technical skills to help lead FaithStreet.