No Church is too Small for Online Giving

Think back to college or secondary school sociology class. The instructor would perform an exercise where students would be asked to write down whether they considered their family lower, middle, or upper class. At the end, the instructor would plot out the distribution on the chalk board. Against all laws of probability and distribution, the overwhelming majority of students counted themselves among the middle class.

From what we’ve heard at FaithStreet, as goes socioeconomic self-perception, so goes church size self-assessment.

With the students, even the better off among them were likely raised to believe they were of more humble means, leaving only the truly ostentatiously wealthy to count themselves among the upper crust. With churches, we’ve heard churches with congregations numbering in the teens count themselves as “small,” as you’d expect.

We’ve also heard the same from congregations numbering in the hundreds.

Due to the nature of our business, the conversation is usually about online giving, and we hear the same thing a lot – “I like the idea, but our church is too small for it to make sense.” It’s understandable, to a degree. After all, there’s something distinctly un-pious about boasting of a church’s size. Along the same lines, online giving technology wouldn’t seem to “fit” with a small, humble church. Being “too small,” it seems, is a very en vogue thing for a church to be.

Let’s put this to bed once and for all: That is almost never the case.

With our online giving platform, monthly charges are not only steady, but intelligently calculated so that they make sense based on the size of your church. That means a congregation of 50 won’t pay the same as a congregation of 250 – it just wouldn’t make sense otherwise. When you consider that simply implementing online giving (to say nothing of proper promotion) increases giving anywhere from 10%-30%, can you really afford not to try it out?

No matter who you are, we probably have a plan that will increase your giving. Does your church meet in a school? A rural chapel? A backyard? An edifice the size of the Pentagon? We have you covered. Is your church just five minutes old and consists of you and your two friends at the bar “just talking about, like, God and stuff, man?” Fine, maybe it won’t work for you (but it could soon!)

Is your church on the moon? If so… the government would probably like to have a word with you, actually.

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