INFOGRAPHIC: Millennials and Religion

Millennials are an ultra-hot topic these days, everywhere from the workplace to their dating habits to, yes, religion. The typical “common knowledge” says that religion doesn’t resonate with millennials because they’re too self-absorbed to be bothered with a higher power. Is that true? “Not exactly,” says The Integrated Innovation Institute at Carnegie Mellon:

As the graphic shows, not only does the majority of every millennial demographic “talk to God,” the majority of every demographic except whites “looks to religion for guidance.” Are millennials turning their back on religion? Not hardly.

Still, it’s true that many churches struggle to bring millennials through the worship hall doors on Sunday. That may have more to do with millennials preferences than their sense of spirituality, though:

“Attitudes about religion shift over generations and as cultures evolve,” says Peter Boatwright, co-director of the Integrated Innovation Institute. “Millennials are widely believed to have less faith in God and are less active in religion than their parents and grandparents. While our survey doesn’t explore this comparison, we think it’s telling that, overall, the majority of this generation does express a fairly strong sense of faith.”

What, if anything, has your church done to cater to millennial behaviors? Do they deserve to be accommodated? Can churches as we know them survive without doing so? We welcome your comments and ideas as to hoe you’re handling this issue!