INFOGRAPHIC: God's Role in Sports

In honor of the men’s NCAA basketball tournament starting in earnest today, we found this infographic that examines how much influence people believe God has in sports. Short answer: A lot.

Graphic is below. If it’s a little too small, view it larger here.

As you can see, about half of all Americans believe the supernatural plays a role of some kind in sports. The graphic was created by the Public Religion Research Institute, and if you check out the page they have many more statistics, including this interesting one:

On any given Sunday, one-quarter (25%) of Americans report that they are more likely to be in church than watching football, while nearly as many (21%) say the opposite—that they are more likely to be watching football than in church.

What, if any, role do you feel religion plays in sports? Looking at these statistics, where do you find yourself falling?

Good luck with your brackets, everyone.