Friday Infographic: What's Being Viewed on Your Church Website?

Well, this is instructive: An infographic that beautifully shows what people are looking for when they go to your church website. The full graphic is below, and a larger version is available here.

The survey was conducted over six months in 2012 using Google Analytics, and each number represents unique page views for pieces of content containing the highlighted words.

In the digital age, this is important info for pastors or whoever’s in charge of your church’s online presence. There are a couple of things we can take from this. One, just the sheer number of total unique views – nearly four million, and this is just one website! People are hungry for online presences from churches, and they’re only growing hungrier.

Two, it’s amazing how far ahead “ministries” is relative to everything else. Clearly, people are interested in how the church applies and is catering to them and their needs. Is it a reflection of the a la carte, instant gratification world we live in? Maybe, but anything that makes the church more appealing to more people is generally a good thing.

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