Fill up on Scripture (and Unleaded) at the Gas Station Church

It’s time for another in our series of the weirdest, wildest and most wonderful churches across the land. Belong to (or know of) an unusual church? Drop us a line!

Just across the Potomac from Washington, DC sits Arlington, VA, a bustling suburban community that’s as attractive to 20-something professionals as it is lifelong residents. Rosslyn, the neighborhood nearest the river, is a busy commercial district, tightly packed with a dominant skyline. Not exactly an idea place for a church to lay down roots.

That is, unless you’re Arlington Temple United Methodist Church, who had a novel solution: They went ahead and built their church on top of a gas station. From their website:

Built on land donated by William Ames, Arlington Temple opened its doors in 1971. Arlington Temple may be the only church in the nation built on top of a gas station.

Beyond being an oddity, the gas station has a huge impact on how the church operates: Because they’re the landlords for the gas station, the rental income from the business funds the church’s operations. That means all contributions from the congregation can go directly toward church missions, rather than keep the lights on.

Talk about a unique approach to fundraising! The only problem? They haven’t completed their FaithStreet profile! If you’re a member of Arlington Temple United Methodist, feel free to contribute to the profile so that more people can find and connect with you online.