NYC Church Events: March 28th - April 3rd

Here’s our second installment of “FaithStreet Events”: We’ve got an open mic for artists of all kinds at C3 church, a discussion with Redeemer pastor Tim Keller and NBC anchor Martin Bashir on how to live justly in an unjust world and a 90 minute dance party at Messiah Greenpoint. (That’s right, a no lights dance party at a Lutheran church in Greenpoint.)

Every week FaithStreet will highlight 5-10 events that we think are interesting, thought-provoking, or, yes, even controversial. Mention of an event here is certainly not an endorsement of the event or the content of the event by FaithStreet.  To find more church-sponsored events in NYC go to  Here, churches who have signed up for a free FaithStreet profile can post their events and the events are searchable to all FaithStreet visitors.  If you are a church leader and would like to have your event mentioned in this weekly series or on, send us an email to Faithstreet at

Monday March 28

  • ** What: **    “Beyond the Mic”
  • **When:  **  March 28 @ 7:00 PM
  • ** Sponsor**:     C3 Church
  • ** Where:  **      The Penny Farthing, 103 Third Avenue @ 13th Street
  • ** Price:   **     Suggested $10 Donation
  • ** Link: **
  • **   Description:**    “ALL ART FORMS are welcome to participate in our next Beyond the Mic event! If you are interested in singing, dancing, showing a painting or photograph, reading a poetry piece, or sharing a monologue or scene, this is your opportunity! Beyond the Mic Quick Tips: Performances should be no longer than 5 minutes. We will provide: 3 mics with stands, 2 music stands,1 keyboard,1 laptop/TV for projection needs, a professional accompanist, a supportive and welcoming atmosphere!”

Monday March 28

  • **What:  **  Living Justly in an Unjust World
  • ** When:   March 28 @ 7-9pm
  • **   Sponsor:    **Hope for New York, Redeemer Diaconate, Grace & Race
  • **   Where:   **Ethical Culture Society 2 West 64th Street
  • **   Price:     **Free
  • **   Link:!/event.php?eid=149134288481064
  • **   Description:   **Join us for a conversation on Justice with Dr. Tim Keller hosted by Martin Bashir, NBC News Anchor and Investigative Journalist. Please submit Justice related questions you would like Dr. Keller to respond to in advance of this event to These questions will remain anonymous and be used to facilitate this conversation. Refreshments will be served after the event. Free admittance, invite your friends!

Tuesday March 29

  • What:    No Lights, No Lycra: Dance Party
  • **When:    **March 29 @ 7-8:30pm
  • **   Sponsor:    Lutheran Church of the Messiah
  • **   Where:    **Lutheran Church of the Messiah (Greenpoint) **
  • **   Price:    **Free
  • **   Link:    **
  • **   Description:    **A chance to dance without going to a club. 90 minutes of just dancing — no alcohol, no drugs, no dressing up, no lights, no lycra.

Wednesday March 30

  • ** What: **    Rocking the Credo: Faith in Calm & Crisis
  • **When: **   March 30 @ 5-7 PM
  • ** Sponsor:**     The Riverside Church
  • ** Where: **       The Riverside Church
  • ** Price:  **      Free
  • Link:
  • **Description: **   “This course will provide members with an opportunity to share our faith beliefs and explore the reason why we believe as we do. Topics of discussion will address the existence and concepts of God; and ask why a God, who supposedly needs nothing, feels a need to create.  We shall explore the concept and fall of humanity, atonement, redemption, the concept of a chosen people, and why humanity craves a messiah. We shall face the notion of Emmanuel (God with us) as it relates to the embodiment of godliness in Christ Jesus, the church, and especially us as members of The Riverside Church in our efforts to create an interracial, interethnic, international and diversely opinionated Body of Christ with a common identity, vision and goal.”

Friday April 1

  • **What:    Citywide Worship
  • **   When:   Apirl 1 @ 7-9 PM
  • **   Sponsor:    **Trinity Grace Church – Chelsea Congregation
  • **   Price:   Free
  • **   Where:    **Bayard Rustin High School, 351 W 18th St (8th/9th)
  • **   Link:   **
  • **   Description:**    ”Our City Wide Worship event will be happening at Bayard Rustin High School, 351 West 18th Street (btw 8th & 9th Ave) from 7pm – 10:30pm. *Please note, since will be recording our next worship album, please turn off all cellphones and other noisemaking devices before entering.”

Sunday April 3