Why FaithStreet is a slam dunk win over Paypal for congregations and other ministries

We talk to several organizations per week that use Paypal for online giving. In summary, here’s what we tell them:

The choice between FaithStreet and Paypal is the choice between a platform built for faith communities and ministries that shows care to donors and partners with each leadership team versus a one-size fits all platform that does not and is not interested in doing any of those things.

Here are some things FaithStreet will do for your church that Paypal doesn’t:

  1. Directly deposit money into your account automatically
  2. Send givers year-end statements automatically
  3. Provide givers with one-time, weekly, monthly and twice per month flexibility
  4. Allow givers to set informal Goals and formal Pledges
  5. Campaign giving: (blog.faithstreet.com/campaigns)
  6. Send givers giving receipts
  7. Send your leadership team notifications for every new giver
  8. Provide organization and givers direct support via phone and email
  9. Effective fees less than 1% since with FaithStreet you can allow givers to cover transaction fees
  10. Allow givers to give with their bank accounts instead of cards (best in the business design: https://blog.faithstreet.com/giving-with-your-bank-account-just-got-a-lot-easier/)
  11. Text to give
  12. Provide an (optional) engagement-focused, congregation app that’s the smoothest way to give: faithstreet.com/community

The majority of organizations we talk to who use Paypal for online giving, switch to FaithStreet. If you’d like to join them and upgrade to FaithStreet, please contact us at 347-850-7783 or email us at support@faithstreet.com. We can get you launched today, in about 15 minutes.