FaithStreet is live.

Thought this day would never come...

FaithStreet is live. Explore the site:

FaithStreet is a platform for churches to do simple, powerful outreach and for people looking for a church. From an idea, we’ve arrived at our “soft launch.” What does soft launch mean? In short, it means we still have a lot of work to do and that everything might now work as smoothly as we hope. Our main focus over the next few weeks will be signing up as many NYC churches as possible. Churches Sign-Up Here.  We’re excited to begin bringing people and churches together. Once we’ve created a large number of church profiles, we’ll shift our efforts more toward promotion, but we aren’t ready for any NY Times or TechCrunch articles just yet (though if anyone from a high profile periodical happens to be reading, our e-mail address is faithstreet at faithstreet dot com. ha.)

We’ll also be adding new features in the next few months:  We’ll soon set up threaded comments (where people can respond to one another’s comments directly.) We’re also seeking to improve the user experience via improving the design and layout of the site (ui/ux in tech speak). Nonetheless, in its present form, FaithStreet offers a simple and powerful way for churches to stand out to people looking for them. As a user, whether you’re a church in New York City or someone looking for a church in the city, you can help us by signing up and giving feedback. What works great? What doesn’t? What features would you like to see? What city should we cover next?

If you’re reading, then you very well may be a friend or adviser who has helped us get to this point. Thank you so much. We’d be very grateful if you signed up for our e-mail list.

If you’re a church in New York City, we want to talk to you because we can help you reach more people today. Churches Sign-Up here.

We’re so stoked to have the site live. Now the really hard work begins.