FaithStreet Goes National

If you’ve visited the FaithStreet site recently, you may have noticed some big changes. We have officially “gone national”, meaning you can now find a church anywhere in the country. Even better, if you’ve already found our FaithStreet to be helpful here in New York City, you can now share the site with your friends and family all across the United States.

Invite your friends

Our goal with these changes is to provide the best church discovery experience possible. Each of us (Sean, Ryan, and I) have at one point or another struggled to find a church, and we are committed to helping others through that problem. Say you’re moving to San Diego from Atlanta. Now, all you need to do is type in your location and you’ll be presented with a list of churches nearby. As we grow, we’ll be adding better and more personalized search features, like service times and vibe, so be on the lookout for find a church to call home even easier.

For the church leaders out there, you get some serious love with this release and your church profile just got some pretty sweet upgrades. Now you can do things like add a pastor and create service times for your church. And so much more. You’ll have to sign in to see. Many of the new features seek to remove the anxiety of the “first-time visit” for newcomers. Once a visitor discovers your church on FaithStreet, he or she can contact you directly from the profile or go to your website and engage further. Your FaithStreet profile isn’t designed to replace your existing outreach efforts, but to help people discover the things that you’re doing and learn about who you are.

The best way you can help us is to tell as many people as you can about FaithStreet by doing things like sharing on Facebook and Twitter and talking to your pastor or church leader about signing up.

– Glenn