Today, we're releasing a new way to share timely needs and news through FaithStreet: Dispatches. Think of it like something between a text message and a newsletter: the utility of a newsletter mixed with the simplicity of a text message. Voila!

With Dispatches, we want to give church leaders a direct channel to their congregation for the messages too urgent to slip into the announcements. And, we wanted to church members to receive urgent messages in a way that's intuitive, timely and useful.

We built Dispatches upon this principle: use different channels for different levels of urgency and intimacy.

Some suggested uses for Dispatches:
- an urgent prayer request
- emergency news
- last minute service changes
- a highly important church-wide message

Some things Dispatches might not be good for:
- non-urgent service changes
- non-urgent event invitations
- non-urgent or ongoing prayer requests

Dispatches are great for things too important to lose to the whims of a social media algorithm via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or something else entirely beyond your control.

For the messages that just don't fit well elsewhere, try sending a Dispatch. You can send a notification along with it or simply let it present itself front and center when church members open the app. If you have the FaithStreet App, Dispatches are live in your church dashboard now.

To send a Dispatch, from your church dashboard, go Community -> Announcements -> Dispatches.

If you're interested in learning more about how FaithStreet can help, contact us. Or, check our Congregation App page.

Church communication will impact every aspect of your congregational life, for better or for worse. With Dispatches you have one more tool to choose better.