How the church can serve young families right now

The FaithStreet app helps your church engage, remind and calm young families who find themselves distracted, disengaged and anxious right now.

How the church can serve young families right now

How can you serve young families well right now? First, let's start by looking at the challenges many young families face right now.


Here are some things we believe about young families, from our own experience, from listening to friends and just from our gut.

  • Young families are long on love, but short on time.
  • Young families are easily distracted by competing jobs to do (childcare, religious education of children, getting dinner on the table, finding time to rest).
  • Young families are examining their values and priorities in light of the pandemic and racial justice.
  • Young families struggle to attend church, but love the flexibility that digital worship provides.

Now, let's take a look at some solutions.


So, how can a church serve these folks well right now? 4 ideas of how you can use mobile technology/ an app to:

  1. Remind and nudge young parents to participate in regular, corporate worship.
  2. Make teaching as easily accessible as possible. (Via app, not website)
  3. Unite rather than isolate. Share prayers and updates via an app.
  4. Provide space and opportunity for daily reflection.
  5. Encourage young parents to push forward with mission and service.

FaithStreet can help you do 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Let’s talk.

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