Broadcast and Conversation

If communities of faith are the original social networks (and I think that they are), why hasn’t the internet accelerated growth and maturation? This is a time unlike any other in history, but for the most part, churches continue to communicate like they always have.

Here at FaithStreet, we think there is a huge opportunity for churches to not only use the internet to broadcast a message but to engage in dialogue and conversation. Facebook and Twitter have provided early platforms. The Jesus Daily page on Facebook has massive numbers of fans and engagement. Twitter is reaching out to pastors

Unfortunately, the overwhelming church use of new media channels is treating them more like pulpits and less like living rooms. It’s not that the first is wrong but that the opportunity for community is so much larger if you bring people into your “living room”.

This isn’t FaithStreet today. But tomorrow we’ll be a little closer. And a little more each day thereafter. We hope you’ll continue along with us.

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