Is your church a church of action?

How has 2020 changed that for your church?

We’re hearing from pastors and church leaders across the country that now is a time for action.

What kind of action? To share faith, mend broken systems, minister to the least of these, pray more deeply, encourage one another and engage more fully with Jesus’s heart and teachings.

It feels like churches are tired of being only hearers of the Word and are becoming doers of the Word.

The FaithStreet app is built for this moment.

Get on Mission: The app queues up, nudges and reminds people to do what they feel the ought to do, but get to weary or distracted or busy to follow through with.

Deliberate and Unhurried: The FaithStreet app encourages people to slow down and live more deliberately in prayer, in teaching, in fellowship and in generosity.

If your church wants to end 2020 as a church of action, let’s talk.

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