A Reader Speaks out to the Pastors of Ferguson

Over at OnFaith, we’ve published a number of posts regarding the anarchy in Ferguson, MO. Today, we received an email from a reader named Bonnie who has a message of her own for spiritual leaders working in Ferguson: Unite, don’t divide.

(emphasis ours):

To the Pastors of Ferguson, Missouri,

I applaud your efforts to bring peace to the people of Ferguson Missouri.

  • When I think of the beautiful black community in America, I am reminded of the wonderful gospel hymns they use to sing that could move even the hardest heart to fall to their knees and surrender to the Prince of Peace, Jesus. God has given our wonderful black friends a special gift of Gospel Music. Born out of injustice, pain and suffering, it touches the soul and spirit of all who hear. How wonderful it would be to see ALL the churches of Ferguson Missouri united as one Body of Christ and marching with the protestors singing Amazing Grace. *

*The eyes of the world are on this one little town, watching and waiting to see if they will follow down the same path they themselves have chosen of violence, fear, death, destruction, retaliation and un-forgiveness. God has placed before you today, an incredibly important opportunity to show the world what amazing grace is really all about. It is not just a song we sing on Sunday mornings, it is a life we live on the highways and byways of America. Please don’t let this opportunity pass. Don’t let West Ferguson Avenue, Ferguson, Missouri, USA be labeled as a place of violence, rage, retaliation, and un-forgiveness. *

Let the black community rise to the occasion and lead this nation back to what it use to be, a nation under one God where the Prince of Peace over rules and over rides the evil that is escalating in the rest of the world. Let the glory of black America be to triumph over evil and turn back the tide of un-forgiveness, and let it begin here and now on the street of West Florissant Avenue with the singing of Amazing Grace for all the world to see and hear. May God send His heavenly choir to join with you to take back your city….and America! God bless you in this battle………

– Bonnie

Bonnie signed off her email with Hebrews 10:22, which says:

“let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.

We’re not entirely sure how gospel music plays into this, but: Wise words that ring true in a time of chaos. We love hearing from FaithStreet users and OnFaith readers! If you have something you’d like to share, email us at onfaith@faithstreet.com, or contact@faithstreet.com.