5 Superpowers Our App Has (That Your Website Probably Doesn't)

Have you considered that an app might be more important than a website for a congregation?

5 Superpowers Our App Has (That Your Website Probably Doesn't)

1. Reduces friction

Tap. Tap. Pray for a friend.

Tap. Tap. Listen to a message.

Tap. Tap. Give to a cause.

Tap. Tap. RSVP for a rally.

3 taps and you’re engaging in things of the Spirit.

A church website, especially via mobile, requires some clunky typing, awkward tapping and fails to provide your members the best experience.

2. Builds unity

A church website generally consists of static one-way content. Church staff → people. FaithStreet’s app elevates the people’s voice and unites the membership through prayer and response.

3. Creates daily engagement

Through notifications, Dispatches and automated email engagement, FaithStreet’s app brings people back to the mission and vision of your local church community every day.

4. Enables response

There’s something about a mobile-optimized, swipe-able response card that makes participating in real-time feel natural and casual.

5. Frees you to focus on ministry not technology maintenance

FaithStreet’s app requires zero maintenance on your church’s part. Zero. Can’t say the same for your church’s website, right?