3 Ways to Maximize Your Offerings this Easter

**Making the most of your Easter offering**
Does your church see its biggest attendance of the year on Easter? While preparing for the service, consider three things to make giving easy and accessible on Easter:

1. Send personalized Easter emails.

Send emails to your church members and supporters before Easter Sunday with an announcement about the service (and any other special services you might be holding), an encouraging word, and an opportunity to contribute in advance to the Easter offering. If you have online giving, you’ll be able to include an online giving button so people can give right there and then. If you mail physical letters this season, you’ll be able to include a link to your giving page.

2. Be intentional during offering time.

Talk about why we give, what’s happened in your church that deserves celebration, and give clear directions on how people can contribute. Showing a slide with instructions during this time is very helpful.

3. Collect contact information.

With many visitors and newcomers at your church, this is the perfect time to give out contact cards, which can be completed and collected during the offering. What a great opportunity to follow up and grow your church.
Making giving easy on Easter by letting people give online this Easter. Email us if you’re interested.