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10 Principles for Church Management

Oftentimes, church leaders are hesitant to approach church management from too much of a “business-y” standpoint. It’s hard to blame them. For one thing, churches are very different from other non-profits in terms of what they accomplish. There are also plenty of hucksters out there looking to make a dime by selling you skills to essentially commodify spiritual worship.

Still, a church is a large organization with a lot of moving parts – like it or not, managing one takes vision and discipline. That’s why we’re so fond of this post by Sharefaith Magazine called **“Achieving Ministry Goals with Effectual Management – 10 Principles to Help Your Church Govern Itself.” **One principle in particular stands out:

3. Intentional Strategy and Planning
There is an old saying, “if you faith to plan, you plan to faith”. Achieving anything requires having a specific strategy, planning and implementation of the plan. Churches should spend the time to identify strategic objectives and a process to develop a plan to achieve them. However, plans are merely words on paper without implementation. Implementing a plan requires focus and discipline to see it through to completion.

Do you plan, or do you faith? Head over to Sharefaith for the rest of the principles.

10 Principles for Church Management
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