10 Principles for Church Management

Oftentimes, church leaders are hesitant to approach church management from too much of a “business-y” standpoint. It’s hard to blame them. For one thing, churches are very different from other non-profits in terms of what they accomplish. There are also plenty of hucksters out there looking to make a dime by selling you skills to essentially commodify spiritual worship.

Still, a church is a large organization with a lot of moving parts – like it or not, managing one takes vision and discipline. That’s why we’re so fond of this post by Sharefaith Magazine called **“Achieving Ministry Goals with Effectual Management – 10 Principles to Help Your Church Govern Itself.” **One principle in particular stands out:

3. Intentional Strategy and Planning
There is an old saying, “if you faith to plan, you plan to faith”. Achieving anything requires having a specific strategy, planning and implementation of the plan. Churches should spend the time to identify strategic objectives and a process to develop a plan to achieve them. However, plans are merely words on paper without implementation. Implementing a plan requires focus and discipline to see it through to completion.

Do you plan, or do you faith? Head over to Sharefaith for the rest of the principles.